See geospatial data differently

Are you looking for a simple way to manage massive, rapidly growing data sets? With GeoViz, all your data – regardless of complexity, format or location – is at your fingertips, in a touch interface that anyone can use.

Engage with geospatial data, see opportunities, and communicate as a team like never before

GeoViz allows multiple users to work side by side, 'passing' data windows from one to another, to share information and ideas. Remote users can jump in on computers, tablets and phones. VizworX makes technology so simple that it disappears into a intuitive experience.

Make better decisions faster

The days of wading through spreadsheets and mounds of data are gone.
Now you can see and touch the data, digging deeper for interpretations and spotting patterns that could be lost in the numbers.

Shift your team’s mental energy from finding, absorbing and understanding complex data, to using that data to generate new ideas and solutions.


See all the available data in one place.


Use on any device, in any place, making remote users active participants.


Customize solutions to meet your exact needs.


Access data with a touch, share it with a flick. No training required.